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Kyrsti was awesome, she was very organized and made learning winning strategies simple.  I appreciated her transparency and non pressure for me to either continue or go my separate way.  She’s awesome!  Give her a chance, she won’t let you down.

I know success is in my hands. 

-Brian V., Spanish Fork, Ut

I have had the pleasure of working with the amazing Kyrsti. From the first day, Kyrsti was supportive, encouraging, engaging, and patient with me. An entrepreneurial business for me is about being in control of my finances, having freedom, and enjoying my life. I was successful in the traditional working field but unhappy. With so many things being out of our control in life, I found it powerful and fulfilling to at least be able to take care of anything that happens financially. I decided that I didn’t want to sacrifice being happy or being paid, instead, I will take control of both! This business helps me get one step closer to achieving my goals. My favorite saying is “To be aware, is to be alive”, and being aware of the phenomenal education, coaching, and support that Kyrsti offers has helped me come alive.  

-Ashley B., Dallas, TX

"If a person advances confidently, in the direction of their dream, and endeavors to life the life they've imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours."

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