You, Your Life, Your Goals: in alignment

I want you to stop and think right now about yourself, your life, and your desires… are they all in alignment? 

When you take an inventory of where you are – are you basing all of it off the past and how you’re here now? 

Or are you basing it off the future and what you can create for the desired future?

Most do the first because that is their current state. It’s what they can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear.

That’s not wrong; it just is. But is everything in alignment if you are coming solely from the past and present?

Dream different

Think about how your life could be different if you were thinking from the end – from your goal desired.

How would you act differently today?

Would you be more patient with your children if you had your desired goal already?

Would you talk kinder to yourself if you had your desired goal?

What about your goals in general? Would they naturally become larger because your previous BIG goal was already attained?

It’s all in the relationship

Thinking from the goal means you’re creating and enhancing your self image right now – from a different point of view.

If things are in alignment, that means they’re working together – in a cohesive fashion in relation to one another.

A relationship.

But if there is no relationship, there is no collaboration or decision making, right? 

Just like how our indicators talk to each other.

When they’re decisive, you have a better trade entry. It’s quality trading, not quantity.

The same is true of your relationships.

Your goals

Are you in alignment with your goals?

Check in with yourself again now. What is your goal? 

Do you have one? Do you have several? 

How are you intentionally aligning yourself with those goals?

Check your perspective and you’ll know exactly how to pursue those goals.

Remember, it’s FROM the goal.

Next week I’ll be back to share how to truly align your thoughts, your goals, and your mindset.

This week – try it with a single goal. You have nothing to lose!

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