The Byproduct of Sacrifice

A sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. But what is the byproduct of sacrifice?

Sacrifice is creation 

Something always has to be sacrificed to make room for the creation of something else. I believe it’s an inescapable necessity. 

When most hear the word sacrifice, they think they are losing out. 

That’s not the case at all.

You’re not losing, you’re gaining. Again, replacing a lesser something with something better – something of more value.

Something always has to be paid for something else. 

It’s true with your time commitments, your finances, your relationships–the list goes on. 

In fact, what you’re doing right now – in this present moment – is your sacrifice for whatever else you could be doing. 

It’s a choice. 

It’s always a choice

Who said you can’t have it all?

Let me be clear, it is NOT that you’re losing out. 

Instead, focus on the intentional act to choose something of a better. 

You can be, have, and do it all. 

You simply have to prioritize what is meaningful compared to what is the norm or the mundane. You don’t have to stay in a familiar place.

You first choose sacrifice and in turn, you fuel your growth.

And through growth you bring more depth into your choices.

Sacrifice is creation. It brings freedom, which allows for true discipline – and I don’t mean discipline in the way of how a parent is to a child. 

I’m talking about how you are each day with the choices you make. 

Are you doing something of good, through sacrifice, every day or are you doing the repetitive?

Freedom does not happen by living an obsessive, undisciplined life. 

Freedom happens when you are in control of your life and in turn, you have the space to intentionally create a life the way you visualize it to be.

Create: to bring something into existence, the result of one’s actions

What life are you creating? One of repetitive nature because it’s the norm? 

Or are you interrupting that pattern in favor of sacrifice to give up what once was good for something even better?

Choose to sacrifice and create.

But sacrifice isn’t about finding the balance; it’s about creating a harmony.

Balance to me says something is off or amiss.

Harmony to me means all is pieced together working together well – disciplined. 

Harmony brings abundance where balance gives out the interpretation of lack. 

Sacrifice doesn’t lack.

Sacrifice is creation which leads to awareness, control, velocity, and decisiveness. 

Take control of your choices

Intentionally create how you want your life through the choice of sacrifice.

What’s important for you?

What areas do you want to see an increase and what is the quantity of sacrifice required?

Sacrifice is creation and any action that is not adding wood to your fire – sacrifice it.

Next week we’ll talk more about sacrifice and creation but until then, what is one thing you could sacrifice for an increase of creation in your life?

Can’t wait until next week? Let’s connect and schedule a call today!

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