Best Business Habits

Since starting my consulting business, I’ve been asked many times about my best business habits.

And more specifically, how I created them and how I developed them. 

Today I’m excited to share my top three for this year – these will serve anyone well, both in business and beyond.


My first business habit is journaling.

I’ve written in my journal every night for over three months now. And because of this importance, not a day goes by that I don’t write. 

Even if I’m “not in the mood” to write, I still do.

I find it important to not have a filter. I don’t write about my day, I write about the things I want in life, my motivations, my ideas, my creations. 

It’s in creation that more things come to life. Not having a filter allows your mind to go where it truly wants to go, rather than saying “yes” or “no” to ideas and feelings that come. 

Writing is powerful because it allows you to take something once in your head and put it outside of yourself. 

Putting it outside makes it more real and tangible. It can shift your perception on something, quite literally; and it brings up more emotions that maybe you didn’t realize were there.

We think in pictures, so the more we write, the more inspiration and direction comes.

Journaling is vital in business, which is why, in our first meeting, I will challenge you to spend 15 minutes to write down your goals before our next appointment. 

Why do I do that?

Because it causes you to think

Time block

My second business habit is time blocking. 

And I’m not saying just blocking out time to do a certain something.

How you go about it is the most important part if you want your time to be used effectively.

Right now, my kids are in preschool twice a week for eight hours each day. 

If I wake up, send them on their way, and don’t have a plan for what I want to embrace that day, I could sit idle all day long and wonder where the time went. 

The reason you schedule and block things out is because it allows for spaced accountability to what you want to do and get done. 

Even if I block out my lunch time for 30 minutes, as simple as that is, it allows me to focus on my task before and after that. 

You can schedule a lunch, you can schedule to paint your nails, even run your laundry real quick, but it’s set and it’s scheduled. 

Accountability is created when you focus your activities.

Time blocking allows accountability and focus – it’s not a limiting structure; it’s a guided path to success.


My third business habit is delegation. 

To delegate something means to entrust another person with a duty. 

Some may think that you have to be “the boss” in order to delegate, but quite the opposite is true. It goes back to the first two business habits.

You can delegate your time, your assets, individuals you work alongside, and your focused attention. 

But it’s not always about assigning a task or an order to go and do this or that. It can also be a matter of prioritizing.

In this regard, for me, I’m focused this year on delegating. 

One can hire something out, pay for it, or give incentive for a task you see fit elsewhere. 

It’s been said that to be successful, you have to know all of it. 


You simply have to know people who know what you want done. 

I don’t care to learn or do certain things in my business – I know that’s someone else’s expertise and niche. 

So, I can either time block my time to learn those skills and tasks, or I can attract the right people to help me within those things. 

My expertise is mine; their expertise is theirs. 

Everyone thrives better when their skills are focused and accountable within their loves and passions.

An example of this is my Executive Assistant, Jenn. She does the back end work for all of my businesses, executes beautifully, and time blocks them out accordingly. 

She’s someone I can go to for whatever is needed at that given time. She’s also someone I can rely on for resources elsewhere if that’s needed as well.

I developed that relationship with her because of my first two business habits: journaling & time blocking.

It was only through those two things first that I came into concrete and excellent delegation.

What best business habits are you focused on this year?

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