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Today I’m so excited to share my Budget Tool with you. You will be creating your financial freedom in no time with this monthly plan.

My story

A couple years ago, I was over six figures in unnecessary and silly debt.

I was filled with anxiety, always questioning, and not seeing my true self worth. Now, I’m incredibly lucrative in my career, I own more than one business, I have a team of leaders helping me, and I’m glowing with confidence.

I want the same for you.

One of the biggest things that helped me triumph over my circumstances was to give myself a focused target, which included my financial goals and stability.

For that reason, among other incredible things, I created this budget tool to track where I was, where I was headed, and what I could do and bring about.

I’d love to see you use this as well.

Create your plan

Whether you’re a rockstar with budgeting , make six figures monthly, or you feel you’re suffocating in debt – like I once felt – this tool will be so insightful and helpful.

Alter it the way your bills are, title it with what makes sense for you, then track it.

The only way to know where you want to go is to ACKNOWLEDGE where you’ve been. It’s unnecessary to live in the past. It’s okay to acknowledge your habits back then and move forward to where you want to go now.

When you have reason to invest or buy something, it’s funny, we all seem to find the money for it.

Whether it’s an expensive purse, a coaching program, or some yummy food… no matter how “broke” we may FEEL in that moment, we spend money on what we want.

You want to know why? Because, just like we talked about on Monday, when you decide something, what’s needed shows up.

That includes the money to pay for something we desire. Until we decide on it, the money does not flow to us.

Create your energy

Take an inventory right now around where your finances are.

Don’t say things like, “I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive, I’ll wait till I’m paid, it’s too much, I wish I made more…” etc.

What type of energy does that give you? Probably not a good mentality around your wealth and income, right?

So say the opposite for me – choose the words that empower. If you see something you want and you truly do not have the money for it, consider that the energy around “I’m choosing not to buy that today” is wildly different than “I can’t afford that.”

Money flows where money is wanted. Money can’t go where it’s being turned away.

Saying those types of things above is like uninviting money to your party.

Money is the tool we use to obtain something we want growth from. Whether that be physical health, a trip, education, or fun. Money is needed.

You’re needed.

Put the two together and you have one powerful combo.

Download this free Budget Tool today. It will help your momentum of getting to where you desire to be with your money.

It will take committed decisions and some discipline. But what doesn’t?

Along with that, I invite you to schedule a Velocity session with me to see where you are with your goals, your passions, and your visions. Let’s take you to the next level.

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