The Dog On a Nail: part one

Are you the dog on a nail? Let me explain…

We’ve talked about what it takes to succeed in business and steps to create the alignment of your goals.

But what about the objections?

One day Bill visited another neighbor, Scott, who lived down the street. But this wasn’t just any neighborly visit.

For over a week Bill had been walking his dog and like dogs will, the other dogs in the neighborhood sat on their respective porches, barking as he walked by with his own dog.

All but one dog – Scott’s dog.

This dog just sat on the porch whining and obviously in some sort of discomfort.

Finally, Bill stopped by Scott’s house to check on his neighbor and his dog.

As he knocked on the door, the dog still sat there moaning and groaning. Scott came to the door and nothing changed.

Finally, after chatting on the porch with the dog still whining, Bill finally asked Scott what was wrong with his dog.

Scott responded, “because he’s sitting on a nail.”

A little shocked, Bill asked why the dog didn’t just move off the nail.

Scott’s response was simple, “because that’s his old, familiar spot on the porch and it just doesn’t hurt bad enough.’

Are you the dog on a nail? 

Moaning and groaning about life. not making enough, not doing enough, not enough time, etc. 

Stuck in your own old, familiar spot.

We’ve all heard it – and probably said it too.

But what did you do?

Did you do something about it, or did you just sit on your nail?

Maybe you did change.

Or maybe you are the dog on the nail?


What are your objections to moving off that nail?

Time commitments.

A perceived lack of funds to take that next step.

Maybe a belief that you aren’t worth it or even capable.

But is what you are doing enjoyable or are you just used to it?

The only person who can make that call is you.

Next week we will get into these common objections and misconceptions.

But until then, think about your own nail and what it would take to change and move. I may even have a few ideas for you…

This post was inspired by Les Brown and his powerful “Dog On A Nail” analogy from his book, Live Your Dreams, page 194 – William Morrow Paperbacks, July 1994

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