Time Commitments: one nail

I have too many time commitments. 

We’ve all thought it.

Said it.

Lived it out.

Last week we talked about The Dog on The Nail and some common nails. The best way to deal with nails is to address them head on.

Today’s nail is time commitments

So, let’s debunk some common misconceptions around time and the beliefs behind those time commitments.

I hear all day long about how people don’t think they have time for themselves, their goals, or activities that will contribute to their growth.

But what even is time if you don’t feel you have enough of it?

Maybe you ‘don’t have enough time’ only because you believe that to be the case?

Or perhaps your time is committed to the wrong things.

What if you could change that perception and create more time even though your 24-hour number doesn’t change?

How could that impact your goals and lifestyle?

Time is an action

By pure definition, time simply means: to plan, schedule, or arrange when something should happen or be done; to measure the time taken.

To me the word time is a verb.

It’s about what you DO with your time over how much time you feel you have.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day.

So, what makes someone’s time more effective than another person living in the same 24 hours?

It is the choices within the time they give themselves. Their focus determines the direction of their time – either in a positive or a negative way.

What types of choices are you making?

How do you show up in life when you allow the statement, I don’t have time for that to rule what you can and cannot do?

For example: how many times do we just sit and scroll through Facebook for just 20 minutes a day?

And let’s be honest – that 20 often turns into 30 or 45 minutes when you count the articles you read, the profiles you stalk, and then the post you may decide to make.

But let’s stick to the 20 minutes. What if we compounded that 20 minutes per month?

That would equal an additional 10 hours of time where you could focus and educate yourself in the market.

And that 10 hours of laser focus further snowballs into time spent with family and friends, personal growth, taking care of your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, etc.

Talk about the compounding effect!

What are your roadblocks?

As a busy wife, mom, and business owner, I am constantly asked how I balance so many obligations. It would be easy to allow them to become roadblocks

Thankfully every day is a choice.

Is every day perfect? Absolutely not.

But those roadblocks do not mean that your time commitments are too big.

Roadblocks happen when you don’t choose to prioritize your daily activities to outweigh the repetitive, poor habits we have all developed – like scrolling through social media with no purpose to further our day.

Put down your phone = one roadblock removed.

It’s that simple.


Time is a precious commodity. So, choose the commitments that will make a difference.

To me, the word commitment has a positive connotation. Anything I wholeheartedly commit to will propel me in the right direction.

Are you empowered or are you victim because of how you chose to commit your time?

Even if you are the latter, it is never too late.

So, make the time, commit, and watch what happens.

Spoiler: it’s pretty incredible.

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