Where to Spend The Money

Cars, trips, designer clothes, exorbitant gifts. You’re going to spend the money somewhere.

What’s missing from that list?

I can think of a few things, with one of the biggest being the amount of money you invest in yourself.

And no, I’m not talking about a college degree.

Unfortunately, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars and at least four years of your time on a degree with no guarantee of an actual return on that investment.

And then there are the student loans for college.

How much debt are they in now?

And guess what? There’s a high likelihood that they don’t even use the degree. They just went to school because that’s the norm.

One of the most common nails

A few weeks ago I talked about the dog on the nail and asked what your nail was – that uncomfortable thing keeping you from taking that next step because it’s not uncomfortable enough to make you move.

When talking to individuals about Thinking Into Results and the investment they get to make in themselves, I hear all the time about a certain nail: the lack of capital or funds to get started.

Then comes the question about the cost – as if that is the nail.

But that’s the wrong approach.

Shift your focus here

Are you coachable or not?

That’s the real nail.

We want those who desire impactful change and often times people aren’t ready for it.

But once you’ve created the value around what we do, how it can expand your life – and if you are truly coachable – the money abilities come together.

So where to spend the money?

In closing, consider one of the most common ways adults spend their money.

They buy a new car.

But what comes after that?

They drive it home as it depreciates by the mile.

Many have no problem spending that money? Why, because they need a car.

But did they need that particular car?

Buying a car is a normal thing to do.

But did that car make you money? Can it?

It’s highly unlikely.

Will investing in yourself?

If you choose to embrace it, yes.

You’re going to spend the money somewhere – that’s the true norm.

And now it is up to you to choose that new normal and invest in yourself, your actions, and your life.

What’s holding you back? What would it take to move you off this particular nail?

Schedule a time with Kyrsti today and move off this nail for good.

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