Velocity Programs

Thinking Into Results

Magnetize your mindset, maximize your image, and monetize your business.

Work with Kyrsti hand in hand to design the life you know you deserve.

What you’ll receive:

  • 3-6 months of one to one coaching with Kyrsti
  • biweekly zoom calls catered towards you and your business lessons
  • structure to control and create your life in the ways you want that are scientifically proven
  • specific application and hands on learning from Bob Proctor and Kyrsti
  • mastermind group coaching amongst others inside the program
  • access to all replays and tailored resources

Self Image Mini Class

Who do you show up as if your goal was already attained? How would you walk, sit, stand, and talk? How much confidence would be bursting out of you?

The image you hold of yourself determines your ceiling in life, whether that be financial, with your health, or even with how often you travel.

What you’ll receive:

  • 6 weeks inside the Mastermind Community
  • lifetime access to the program and all updates that follow from Kyrsti
  • downloadable worksheets and PDFs proven to your success and catering

The Monthly Velocity Mastermind

Want to collaborate with like minded individuals around your schedule or just increase your business awareness altogether? This one is for you.

What you’ll receive:

  • minimum of two group coaching lessons from Kyrsti based on what she’s learning with Bob, his team, and our material in Thinking Into Results.
  • access to all replays while participating
  • obscurity to your worth – breaking your own ceiling with new in depth insight

The Ultimate Business Accelerator

Learn all the best ways from the top of the line experts on marketing, campaigns, social media hacks, ads, content creation, and connections.

Coming soon. Limited spots open.

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